Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Quick and Small Breakfast - Peanut Butter Banana

This is my favorite breakfast when I am not very hungry.  It also makes a great snack.

Have you ever stopped to read the ingredient list on a jar of your peanut butter?  When I started label reading, I was shocked at the amount of sugar that are in many peanut butters.  I actually wound up throwing out a couple of jars of peanut butter in our cupboard and switched our family to organic peanut butter.

It took some exploring for me to find one I liked.  That is because organic peanut butters, which are typically just comprised of roasted peanuts and maybe sea salt, are liquidy.  You have to stir them before scooping because oil separation occurs.  Not a big deal, but I did find some brands are more oily than others.  My favorite brand of organic peanut butter is from Aldi.  It is their Simply Nature brand.  The price is right and the quality is great.

Do I use organic bananas?  Yes and no.  I am more concerned about the condition of the banana.  Our family will go through about a dozen bananas in a week.  But I usually only grocery shop once a week.  So I typically will purchase one large bunch that is super green, and one large bunch that is just turning ripe.  If they are organic, great!  But if not, I have gone with what is available.  

On to the recipe.
1. I take one tablespoon of peanut butter and scoop it on a plate.
2. I take one banana, peel it, and place it on the plate.
3. I then eat the banana and peanut butter European style.  That means I use a fork and knife to take one piece of banana at a time and spread a bit of peanut butter on that piece before I eat it.  That's my style - you can modify to create your own. 

 If you would like an added protein boost or make this a bigger breakfast, add another tablespoon of peanut butter.  You can also spread the peanut butter on toast and then cut the banana on top!

Only 2 ingredients for this delicious mini meal.
I use a big plate so I can really spread out my banana and peanut butter.
This sweet and salty taste is the best.  You don't need dessert when you can eat this.

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