Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quick and Easy Snacks and Lunches

With three kids in the house, I have to plan ahead on lunches and healthy snacks.  I try to include a protein and a fruit or vegetable with each one.   I like the idea of bento boxes and I have a few styles of divided Tupperware style containers that you will see in this post. Here are some of the combinations I have used.  These can work for adults as well as kids.  Hopefully they will spark some ideas for you.

Triscuits, cashews, and strawberries.
Whole wheat crackers, blackberries, and Daiya (dairy free) cheese for my youngest.
Cut up banana and peanut butter.
The bananas will start going brown within a couple of hours,
so this needs to be eaten pretty soon after the banana gets cut up.
Grapes and cashews.
I put the cashews in a cupcake liner.
Every day, my daughter takes a bag of fruit to preschool to eat with her breakfast.
I usually make at least 3 ziplock bags at a time.
I wash and peel all the fruit to fill the bags.
These contain strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and cuties.
Goldfish crackers and carrots.
I would have preferred to use hummus instead of the goldfish, but I ran out!
Pretzels and cottage cheese.
My oldest likes to dip the pretzels in the cottage cheese for lunch.
I like these divided containers to keep these 2 parts seperate.
These Justin's almond butter packs are great for travel.
You can squeeze them on a piece of sprouted bread.
Enjoy with a banana.
Triscuits with 2 spreadable cheese wedges.
Good to add a plastic knife for spreading when you are on the go.
Carrots and celery with hummus.

Peanut butter with a scoop of Nutella and graham crackers.
Pretzels, cheese, and turkey sticks.
Each child gets their favorite cheese in their container.
Deli ham, strawberries, and animal crackers.
I used one of those sandwich style containers to construct this one.

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