Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Traveling and Eating Healthy

Sometimes my job or my personal life require travel.  This brings the challenge of clean eating while on the road.

The good news is that if you plan in advance you can successfully eat healthy on the go.  It just takes time and thought.

Every day, I look at my schedule and figure out a meal plan for myself and whoever is with me.  This way I don't wind up grabbing convenience foods, which are often not healthy or tasty choices.

I will share in this post some tips that work for me and my family.  I will tell my story in pictures.  I hope this advice can help you too.

Packing food for a family vacation!
We eat in the hotel as much as we can.

If you are staying in a hotel, find out if they have a fridge.
Many hotels will set one up for you for about $20 a day.
This is a significant savings over eating out.
And it tastes a heck of a lot better too.
And you know what you are eating.
I fill the fridge with milk, fruits, veggies, hummus, cheese, and yogurt.
I then pack plastic bowls, plates, and plasticware.
At a minimum, this takes care of breakfast and snacks.

Recently on a trip on my own, I had a hotel with a fridge and a microwave.
I shopped at Whole Foods for the week.
I have here: bean soup, teriyaki chicken, and chicken lettuce wraps.

When going out to eat, I research our options and the menu.
I look at nutritional info, if it is on their website.
Oftentimes, I google "organic restaurant" and the location.
As an example, here is a burger place that is organic.
Grass fed beef and vegan/vegetarian burgers.
I love places that post nutritional information like this.

Veggie burger with tomato, lettuce, and guacamole.
About 420 calories here.
I added a side salad.
At a coffee shop and my husband needed breakfast.
I got him whole wheat toast with brie cheese and an apple chutney topping.
Served with a side of grapes.

Sometimes restaurants do not have nutritional information available.
Here is where you have to challenge yourself to make good choices.
We were at a stir fry restaurant.
I chose: shrimp and a ton of veggies.
About 2 tbsp. of soy sauce.

Here is my stir fried dinner.
Photo taken by my son.
Photobomb courtesy of my husband.

Breakfast to me is a must.
Again, my favorite breakfast is here: Power Yogurt
I pack this often on days I travel.
If I am on the go and there is no microwave, I pack this as a lunch in a cooler bag.

Pack: Greek yogurt, bag of granola/nuts, bag of berries.
Recently I forgot my power yogurt and I was in a hotel with a fridge.
I found a nearby market and bought these items so I could put together this breakfast.
I was traveling and needed lunch.
I found a salad restaurant in a mall.
Granola is a great snack and easy to take on the go.
I wrote a post about these peanut butter oat bars.
I love taking these when I am on the go.
Sometimes these are a great breakfast or big snack.
I was traveling near a college campus with lots of college type restaurants.
Chicken wings, hot dogs - you get the idea.
However, they also had a Barnes and Noble bookstore.
And the bookstore had wraps with calorie information posted.
This breakfast flatbread wrap was dinner.
Traveling with family - I found an organic market that had great Yelp reviews for their café.
The café had sandwiches and salad.
This salad includes organic chicken, goat cheese, and walnuts.
It was so good that I did not add the dressing to it.
I do not drink soda but I do drink tea.  Organic tea!

On the go in the car is common.
We pack fruit for the kids.
Usually, I add a bag of nuts for some protein.
Once again, fruit is easy and portable.

I hunt out farmers markets wherever I travel.
In this example, I was in Poland.
If you are ever in Poland, eat as many apples as you can.
They are the BEST!

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