Monday, July 4, 2016

Easy Sweet Potatoes

We eat sweet potatoes at least once a week.  Here is my favorite way of making them.  Healthy and fast.  In my pictures, you will see 2 sweet potatoes.  I usually make 2-4 at a time, depending on how many people I am feeding and whether I want leftovers.

Make sure you wash the outside of the sweet potatoes before you start this recipe, especially if you want to eat the skins!

1. Pierce the sweet potato about 6 times with a fork.
2. Microwave for about 6 minutes.  Rotate the potato halfway through.  Make sure you use a microwave safe plate!
3. The sweet potato should now be tender.  Let it rest for about a minute.
4. Slice the sweet potato lengthwise.
5. Slice a criss cross pattern on each half of the sweet potato.
6. Season the sweet potato - I use salt and pepper.
7. You can butter it at this point or brush with olive oil.
8. Place the sweet potato on a foil lined baking sheet.
9. Place the baking sheet in an oven on the broil setting.
10. Broil for about 10 minutes or until it is nice and crispy.
Pierce the sweet potato about 4 times with a fork.
Microwave ~ 6 minutes.
Here is what they look like when done.
Let it rest.
Slice lengthwise.
Place on foil lined baking sheet.
Slice criss cross pattern.
Add seasonings, butter or olive oil.
Place pan in oven on broil.
Broil to desired crispiness.

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