Saturday, July 9, 2016

How to Make Sure you Eat Vegetables all Week

I used to throw away produce every week.  Now that I menu plan, I rarely throw away anything, and our family eats more fruit and vegetables throughout the week.  Here is how I make sure that we eat vegetables every day.

I usually wind up buying produce twice a week.  I buy on Saturday and I buy again on Wednesday.  This gives me a chance to evaluate how much has been consumed and then I can make up the difference as I plan the rest of the week.  Because inevitably, my plan for the week somehow results in more vegetables being eaten than I had originally planned.  This is a good problem!

Here is my example for this week.  On Saturday at the farmers market, I bought:

  • One big head of cauliflower  - for two side dishes with dinner and to add to salads.
  • One head of broccoli - enough for one side dish with dinner.
  • One head of lettuce - to add to sandwiches and wraps, or for a very simple salad.
  • One bag of Brussels sprouts - another side dish with dinner.
  • 3 bunches of radishes  - I snack on these and add them to salads.
  • 1 bag of carrots - for the kids to snack on.
I had to wash and chop up everything except for the carrots.  I did not have the energy to peel anything, so I just got a bag of the ready cut ones.  I do prefer to peel them myself, but sometimes you just have to cut bait.

Here are some pictures of my work in progress.

And here is my final product for the week, all bagged up and ready to go.

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